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Vinuri De Silva Biodesign Competition 2022

In 2022 we were able to scale the competition with the support of the Graeme Clark Institute and MedTech Actuator alongside a number of other companies. 44 participants in 9 teams went to workshops and industry seminars over 10 weeks. We were grateful to have industry seminars hosted by Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick, MedTech Actuator, Hydrix, and Research Innovation Commercialisation which covered a variety of topics.

The winning teams were:

Vinuri De Silva BioDesign Competition Prize


Project TENSible is developing a smart, non-invasive device that offers personalised chronic pain relief using transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). The device will learn to adapt to the user’s needs by changing its stimulation parameters on a session-by-session basis by using biosensor-detected pain markers, user feedback, and learning algorithms. The device will be connected to a mobile app which can be used to manually control the device’s stimulation parameters, track the individual’s pain history, and record their personalised pain management plans.

Graeme Clark Institute Prize


Project Mobi is developing a smart, mobile solution that aims to deliver patient-specific treatment for oedema of the legs. This will take the form of an automatic and user-controllable compression device worn on the legs to promote fluid return into the systemic circulation in patients suffering from lower limb oedema, for example due to immobilisation.

MedTech Actuator People’s Choice Award

Vision Medical

The following MBSI Project Teams came out of the Vinuri De Silva Biodesign Competition 2022.

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