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Vinuri De Silva Biodesign Competition 2023

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Vinuri De Silva Biodesign Competition 2023

2023 saw our competition continue to develop strongly, 55 participants in 10 teams attended the Workshops, Industry Seminars and social events across 10 weeks. We were grateful to have the continued support of Sponsors Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick, MedTech Actuator and Research Innovation Commercialisation. 


2023 Winners


Vinuri De Silva Biodesign Prize: Endometronics

RIC Innovation Prize: Chyral

MedTech Actuator People’s Choice Award: Sixth Sense


Two of the winning teams further participated in the MedTech Actuator Origin Program with great success, and have since decided to continue their project within the MBSI organisation. 



2023 Vinuri De Silva Biodesign Prize

MedTech Actuator Origin Program Alumni

Endometronics aims to reduce the average time to diagnosis of endometriosis, to improve treatment of this condition. The unique early screening process will assess urinary biomarkers, and involve a buffer solution and a machine learning algorithm to analyse the results. The team’s ultimate goal is to improve women’s health and promote future research.



2023 RIC Innovation Prize

MedTech Actuator Origin Program Alumni 

Chyral is striving to be the first non-invasive glucose monitor that will revolutionise the way people manage diabetes. The device will possess real time diagnostic abilities without the drawbacks of current invasive methods, which are painful, carry a risk of infection, and do not provide continuous monitoring. This will be achieved by analysing the interactions of light with biological tissues to determine glucose levels. Further applications of this device could include analysing the optical fingerprint of numerous compounds within the blood, enhancing current diagnostic technology immensely. 

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