MBSI undertakes projects which provide great opportunities for students to gain real experience in solving clinical problems. Students work in interdisciplinary peer-led teams, mentored by field experts in academia, industry and clinical practice.


Current Projects


Austin Radiology project 

Project Mentor: Stefan Kachel (AI consultant at the Austin Radiology AI Lab, Austin Hospital)

Project Leads: Rory Zhang and Cheng Xie

This project involves building and testing machine learning algorithms and software applications that assists in radiology research and clinical workflow at the Austin Hospital.

Circuit Brain

Brain computer interface

Project Mentor: Dr Sam John 

Project Leads: Po Liu and Carl Xing

We look to decode neural information by using machine learning algorithms to extract EEG neurosignal features to control external electronics with the aim of building a hands-free system to hypothetically allow disabled people to acquire some independence.


Western health colorectal surgery app

Project Mentor: A/Prof Justin Yeung, Prof Paul Baird, Ms Janan Arslan, Dr Reuben Schmidt 

Project Leads: Edmond Lu

We aim to build an app that provides clinician UI and patient UI to communicate management plans and other educational / therapeutic content to enhance care for patients undergoing colorectal surgery at Western Health with emphasis on its culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) demographic.

More projects to come!

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