About us

Technology is fast becoming a ubiquitous and indispensable tool within clinical medicine and the wider biosciences. Its applications hold tremendous potential for improving outcomes in areas including patient care, clinical efficiency and scientific research.

We founded MBSI to nurture the next generation of medtech and biotech innovators. We are a registered charity and nonprofit organisation entirely operated by volunteers, many of whom are current students at the University of Melbourne. Beginning with only a small team of like-minded
classmates in late 2020, we now count over 50 volunteers and 200 members across the organisation.

Our Mission

MBSI’s mission is to provide a space for like-minded young people, from all disciplines and backgrounds, to explore our shared interest in medical technology. We accomplish this by providing our members and volunteers with hands-on opportunities to learn and grow in an interdisciplinary environment.


On this website, you can read about our Projects, our Educational Workshops and our Events. Each of these initiatives provide students with unique educational and social experiences. 

Our Structure

Reflecting the cross-disciplinary nature of medtech/biotech, MBSI members consists of university students and early career professionals from a range of backgrounds, including medicine, biomedical science, engineering, computer science, and commerce.

MBSI is governed by a Committee and Executive operating under the MBSI Rules. All managerial positions, as well as subcommittee positions, are filled by volunteers appointed on merit.

Membership in MBSI is free and open to all; there exists no requirement for a prospective member to be a student, nor affiliated with the University of Melbourne. In fact, we encourage anyone with an interest in medical technology to join as a member. Membership permits access to all our activities. Read more about membership and how to join here.

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